Vonage Partner Academy
Leveraging the Inside Sales Franchise Engine

Wednesday, May 20 | 12-1 PM EST / 5-6 PM BST

About The Webinar

There’s never been a better time to partner with Vonage! We have a dedicated team, specialized in franchise sales, that will partner with you to accelerate your revenue, while remaining hyper-focused on the customer experience. In this webinar, we will walk channel partners through the rules of engagement with this specialized team and how you can leverage the model they've created to capitalize on your existing franchise relationships.


  • The Untapped Potential of the Franchise Market
  • Franchise Team Model 
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Q&A
Tyler Smith
Matt Biddy,
Inside Sales Manager

Matt Biddy started at Vonage in 2013 as part of the inside sales team. Over the last year has taken ownership of the franchise team and began building out a team that is now a total of 9 people. Focused on the process and operations of an inside sales model for the franchise market - his team went live with beta customers in the Summer of 2019 and did a full scale rollout last Fall.

Matt Biddy has over 6 years of experience in sales, and inside sales process and management. He has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of the inside sales team at Vonage. He studied audio engineering at Valdosta State in Georgia.

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